Sample Legal Site Plan Boundary Map          Sample Legal Site Map

ASE Design Consultants have significant experience in mapping and can audit and integrate the various forums available from OSI, Land Registry Google Earth and other forums to include benchmarking same to site surveys.


Property Registration Mapping

Preparation of title maps in accordance with the requirements of Land Registry.

  • First Registration mapping for lands or apartments
  • Mapping for the first registration of new properties
  • Mapping for the first registration of existing, previously unregistered, properties
  • Mapping for the first registration of properties recorded in the Registry of Deeds under compulsory First Registration Legislation
  • Anomalies report for the transfer of Deed Map to Digital OS map for first registration
  • Mapping for Rights of Way/Wayleaves/Appurtenant Rights
  • Plan Scheme Maps
  • Multi Storey Scheme Maps


“MUD” Maps

Mapping for the transfer of common areas to management companies as required by the Multi-User Developments (MUD) Act.

Defining Existing Boundaries/Setting Out New Boundaries

Definition of boundaries on the ground as identified by title deed maps thereby facilitating clients by objectively interpreting both title deed maps and physically defining the boundaries on site.

Accurate setting out of new boundaries on the ground where lands are to be divided.

Examining Disputes Boundaries/Rights

Objective review of all deeds, documents, maps etc… relating to a disputed boundary, right of way or whatever and preparation of an expert report.

Assistance in resolving boundary issues either through conciliation/arbitration or the courts.

Assistance in the processes required to resolve the dispute from conciliation to arbitration to the courts.

Preparation of maps to accompany a registered boundary agreement to be lodged with Land Registry.

Lease Plans

Provision of independent measurement and production of floor plans of actual net lettable area of commercial units which are referred to and annexed to legal lease agreements.

Accurate measurement and certification of lands for sale in rural and urban regions on behalf of the vendor or purchaser.

Declaration of Identity/Affidavit

Certified signing of Declaration of Identity and other legal documents in relation to property matters.

Reconciliation of Historic Record Plans

Objective overlaying of historic deed maps etc… on to current digital OS mapping for comparison.

Updating old title deed maps of properties to digital format acceptable to Land Registry.


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