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ASE Design Consultants will seek to take the mystery out of planning permission and act on behalf of their clients to steer them through the various aspects of same to achieve a planning consent/approval.
We can carry out some or all of the following on behalf of our clients: -


  • Take instructions from our clients with regard to their aspirations and assess these aspirations with regard to the relevant development plan and initial suitability.
  • Through our professional Architects design and create designs to include computer generated images to assist the planners in understanding what is required pursuant to a planning application.
  • ASE Design Consultants can carry out the necessary foul and storm drainage/service drawings and specification as required for submission as part of any planning application.
  • ASE Design Consultants can carry out a planning report to be submitted with the planning application, setting out the matrix of the application to assist the planner.
  • ASE Design Consultants can prepare, complete and submit the planning application to include the necessary documents.
  • On behalf of their clients ASE Design Consultants will prepare site notices, newspaper notices and will respond to requests for further information from the local authority in addition to taking clients instructions.

While the granting of Planning Permission is essentially the domain of the local authority, ASE Design Consultants has significant experience in this area and will work to represent the client in the best interest of the client and to help the client in terms of the procurement of Planning Permission.


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